Hi! My name is Attila Beregszaszi and I work as a web developer focusing on JavaScript in Node and the browser. I used to work a lot with Drupal too. I have been building web apps for quite a while now. My areas of expertise are have shifted in the last few years towards cloud-native distributed systems, and I admit that this site has not been updated for a while.

Based in London, I provide consultancy services on a contract basis. You can reach me using the links at the end of the page.

Latest posts

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Here are some of my open source projects

  • metalsmith-rollup — Bundle your JavaScript with Rollup.js in your Metalsmith project.
  • eemit — Yet another event emitter for Node and browsers. Can be used on its own or as a mixin.
  • savvior.js — Multi-column layouts similar to Salvattore or Masonry but without CSS-driven configuration or absolute CSS positioning
  • critical-css — A JavaScript module which detects Above the Fold styles on sites and assembles a stylesheet of them. Uses PhantomJS.
  • CSS Delivery Optimizer — Drupal module to implement critical CSS inlining.
  • grunt-critical-css — Grunt task for critical-css